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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes The Chairmanship Role At Bradesco

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The presidency is an important position in an organization as it influences the directions that the organization must consider to achieve its goals. In big corporations, the president’s role is a critical component as they steer every activity that promotes sustainability. At Bradesco, this role has once been given to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who…

Todd Lubar: Smartly Bringing Back Charm City

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There is something special about renovating old things. It is not like you are trying to make them new again. It is more like bringing out the best part that was always there. There is a nostalgia which can never die. Every renovation reinvigorates a bygone era. The carpentry and masonry imparticular convey these characteristics….

Joel Friant – Has Revolutionized Fast Casual Food With the Habanero

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Joel Friant is an exceptional entrepreneur who has used his skills and passions to help him develop and market the Habanero Shaker, which has helped introduce the amazing properties of the Habanero pepper to millions of people around the globe. Before discovering his passion, Friant worked in the real estate industry. He is also a…


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