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Dr. Mark McKenna is a Self-Made Entrepreneur Who is looking to Grow His Company OVME

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Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Medical Doctor who is licensed to perform surgery and practice medicine in the state of Florida and Georgia. When Hurricane Katrina came along and wiped out his entire business in New Orleans, he didn’t throw his hands up in the air and give up. Instead, he got…

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Top-Ranked Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas

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Knowing you are a good candidate for plastic surgery can help you see how important scheduling a pre-surgery consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is to your surgery’s success. Rod J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, is one of America’s best plastic surgeons with whom you can make a well-informed surgery planning decision, whether you are considering…

Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Thousands Obtain Their Dream Body

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The world of plastic surgery gives people the chance to get their dream body. Or simply make a slight adjustment to a part of themselves which they feel uncomfortable about. For one Austin, Texas plastic surgeon helping people achieve their dream body is a passion built on expertise and trust. For eight years, plastic surgeon…

A Look into the Career of Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Dr Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon, a media commentator as well as an academic. She is the founder of the well known Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The headquarters of the institution are situated in Austin, Texas and its specialties are in plastic surgery and also ambulatory surgery. Walden Cosmetic Surgery also runs a…

Dr. Jennifer Walden- A Terrific Plastic Surgeon

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Many people in the Austin, Texas area who are in the market for any type of plastic surgery eventually end up choosing Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Westlake area where she operates a licensed and fully accredited outpatient operating theater with offices. She was a clinical instructor…

The Breadth of Physicians In The Capitol Anesthesiology Association

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The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is located in Austin, TX and serves the local community and areas beyond. Not only do they serve the community on a regular basis providing excellent care in anesthesia and nursing for many types of surgeries but their outreach extends into the local area for charity work in the community and…

Top Ranked Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

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Plastic surgeons change the appearance of your body. They can modify the shape and look of most any part of the body, usually the face. When you are looking for a plastic surgeon because you want, need, or desire to change your appearance, it is a sure bet you wish to have a plastic surgeon…


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