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How Betsy DeVos is Doing the Right Thing

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Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist like no other. I first heard of her amazing work up in Michigan and her entire family seems to be dedicated to helping people. Where they’re from, it’s not about flashy jewelry or clothing, but how much you can give back to the community. In fact, her family has donated…

Orange Coast College: A Great Education in California

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Compared to most community colleges, one of the things that make Orange Coast College a bit unique is the interest they place in sports, especially the sport of rowing. In fact, OCC has one of the top rowing teams in the nation. Rowing is one of the few sports that remains as an amateur activity…

Class Dojo Is Supplying The Tools To Change The School Mindset

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In today’s day and age, teaching kids can sometimes be difficult due to negative environments and thoughts around school and learning. There are many excellent schools out there providing great education, but based on overall statistics, students are having a harder time than ever getting involved and engaged in school work and activities. Class Dojo…


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