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Ted Bauman Advises Investors to Invest in PayPal

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Ted Bauman is an experienced financial investment adviser with over 20 years worth of experience in the financial sector. Bauman who hails from America spent close to 25 years working in the non-profit finance and housing sector in South Africa. Hope while in SA helped establish a humanitarian housing organization known as Slum Dwellers International…

Ted Bauman is Lending His Financial Expertise

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Ted Bauman has come a long way to give back to the community at large throughout his career. Ted has more than 25 years of exerpeince working throughout various non-profit organizations around the world, though most of his time was spent in South Africa. Not only is Ted a respected financial figure and investor, but…

Natural Resources Expert Matt Badiali Explains Why Oil will Likely Go Past $100 a Barrel

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When he was a university student Matt Badiali never thought that his future would lie in the financial sector. He was studying to be a geologist, not the investment guru he became. He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology and was working to earn his doctorate when one day he got a…


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