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Oncotarget Advocates for a Healthy Living through Insightful Scientific Publications

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Oncotarget is a weekly based open access medical journal focusing on almost all the topics of oncology. It was first established in 2010 under the publications of Impact Journals, with Mikhail Blagosklonny as the editor-in-chief and Andrei Gudkov as his assistant. Oncotarget encompasses all the pathways, molecules and cell functions common during aging, cancer, neurodegeneration,…

Right On Target With Oncotarget

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In today’s era, numerous segments of our population are experiencing an increase in their life expectancy. This remains attributed to numerous advances in technology. Therefore, these populations remain able to live longer than previous generations. In spite of medical breakthroughs, numerous human diseases and ailments still exist. Moreover, some remain genetic and some do not….

Public health And Safety Remains A Top Priority For Sergio Cortes

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Understanding the need for the best possible information to keep the public as fit and healthy as possible is something Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has placed at the heart of his time as the Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro. The medical doctor has spent much of the last few years seeking the best…


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