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The 5G network capabilities in solving human pains as envisioned by futurist Jason Hope

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Fifth generation, or simply 5G is the next networking generation of electronic devices that use the internet after the current fourth generation (4G). 4G has enormous capabilities such as HD video streaming, lightning surfing speed, so you can imagine now what 5G can do! Jason Hope, a futurist, predicts that with such a mobile networking…

Status Labs Will Improve Your Online Reputation

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Social media can do wonders for your career these days. However, if you have made some mistakes or haven’t been too smart about your usage, it can really hurt your reputation. It’s not uncommon for individuals to access Facebook for many hours and during work hours. This can severely affect your chances of keeping your…

Darius Fisher Explains how To Protect Your Online Reputation

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Everybody understands how important their Online presence can be in the digital age as this can have an effect on the work we do and the schools we attend. Whether we are applying for a job or looking to continue our education in some way it is always important to remember most employers will, at…


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