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Jeremy Goldstein and the Fall Fete

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If there is one thing about the fall season, it’s that everyone views it as a time of celebration. Along with various holidays, it’s also a time to reflect back on what one has achieved over the course of the previous months. Because of this, New York City attorney Jeremy Goldstein and other board members…

Jeff Herman Can Help Many People

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  Jeff Herman is a helpful lawyer that fights for those that have been victimized. The victims in the cases that he pursues have been raped, incurred a sexual assault or exploitation.   One of his successes in court was when Jeff Herman won a $100 Million Case for a client who was molested by…

Francisco Domenech: A Powerhouse in Puerto Rican Politics

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Francisco Domenech, currently a managing partner of Politank in Puerto Rico, is perhaps best well-known for his roles in promoting and managing campaigns for women in leadership. Most notably, Domenech served Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico as well as House Minority Leader Jenniffer González-Colón’s campaign for the Resident Commissioner seat in Congress. Impressively,…


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