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Oncotarget is a weekly based open access medical journal focusing on almost all the topics of oncology. It was first established in 2010 under the publications of Impact Journals, with Mikhail Blagosklonny as the editor-in-chief and Andrei Gudkov as his assistant. Oncotarget encompasses all the pathways, molecules and cell functions common during aging, cancer, neurodegeneration, and microbes. It is also common in lymphocytes, neurons, and atherosclerosis. The success of Oncotarget encouraged the publishers to launch more sections beyond oncology. Consequently, what was developed was a multi-disciplinary traditional journal with free access and can be printed for particular demands.

Benefits of the Oncotarget Publishers

The primary target of the publication includes:

  • To make scientific results rapidly and more widely available and hence maximize the impact of research through insightful reviews and analysis.
  • It also helps to allow distinct discoveries to be made and shared quickly to the international audience.
  • The Oncotarget publications similarly assist in eliminating the border between specialties.
  • It also links biometric science and fosters the applications of basic clinical science to fight against infections.

Cancer Management and Research

Cancer research has been optimized and taken to another level through this open access, and peer reviewed journal. Oncotarget has a mission of ensuring a life free from disease. All the preventive and integrated treatment options and interventions have been explored and given proof-test, with an effort to achieve the intended outcomes which are to:

 Enhance patient survival beyond infection.

 Improve the quality of life of the people living with cancer and the patients.

Future of Oncotarget in the Medical field

Oncotarget seeks to chart a future where it will remain the international peer-reviewed journal. It will solely focus on pathological cancers, the therapy targets and treatment protocols as well as the management of cancer patients. The publication has been credited with enhancing and encouraging the change in perspectives such as the quality of life, satisfaction, and adherence to quality food and medication regimes. The journal will contribute substantially to discover new therapies and redefine their usage regarding uptake and acceptance by the patients and care professionals.

Fifth generation, or simply 5G is the next networking generation of electronic devices that use the internet after the current fourth generation (4G). 4G has enormous capabilities such as HD video streaming, lightning surfing speed, so you can imagine now what 5G can do! Jason Hope, a futurist, predicts that with such a mobile networking technology, there will be an exciting advancement in health research and communication.

With 5G networks, the internet-connected devices will be able to function almost ten times faster than 4G LTE enabled devices such as smartphones. Internet connected devices, also known as Internet of Things, are devices that can communicate with each other through the use of the web. They are all connected to the network. Such devices include the computers, wearable devices such as smart watches among others. With an availability of reliable Wi-Fi connection in most of the countries, IoT devices will be able to function way much more with 5G networks.
5G capabilities

With 5G networks, Internet of Things will have massive data uploading downloading speed and reduced latency rate. Latency rate is the delay period that occurs due to the distance data has to travel to reach its destination. The delay causes lag and buffering of applications such as games and video chatting.

Reduced latency levels mean that communication will be instantaneous, with people able to transfer data with a fraction of seconds. 5G will make life better and more enjoyable. To know more about us: click here.

Besides improved communications, 5G networks will mean more than that to developers. With automation and Artificial Intelligence taking the world top cities with the storm, 5G will revolutionize providing support to these technological feats.

5G networks have potential in saving lives through the use of smart health devices such glucose monitors. Jason Hope is so much into this next generation of networking due to this fact.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor from Scottsdale in Arizona. Jason is an MBA and degree in Finance graduate from W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He has interests technological innovations as a way of solving human pains. He spends most of his time studying the tech markets with the aim of predicting its outcomes and their possible impacts on the future generations.

Besides helping people, Hope has interests in US politics, and this has earned him respect throughout Arizona as a thought-leader.

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist like no other. I first heard of her amazing work up in Michigan and her entire family seems to be dedicated to helping people. Where they’re from, it’s not about flashy jewelry or clothing, but how much you can give back to the community. In fact, her family has donated over $1 billion in their lifetime to charitable causes. For example, in 2013 the DeVos family donated a whopping $90 million, and half of that amount went toward causes that were educational. But that’s not all. Not only does the family contribute to education, but also to faith based organizations, with 13% going toward that. And in addition, they gave a fourth of that money surrounding health and community services. Finally, to round out of the giving, they put over ten percent into the arts.

Betsy DeVos is a leader in helping students. With her educational programs, she actually helped lower income minorities increase their rate of attendance in class by about a third. She is on record for believing that schools are the place where young people truly develop and grow and should be treated accordingly. In today’s age, faith is becoming more important to supporting our communities. I was so pleased when I discovered that she is heavily involved in that. Impressively, the church services she teams up with help people get licensed to drive, get hired on jobs, and even have access to social programs. A lot of times, people just need a place to shower and clean up and have a basic good meal. For example, there’s the story of Mel Trotter who was homeless but in a span of 40 days turned her life around. From my research I also found that she was the co-chair for the Education Freedom Fund, and has been since 1993. I think that’s a fantastic qualification for our Secretary of Education. This fund actually doles out scholarships to poor kids in Michigan. By getting access to funds for school, they are able to go on and dream big. DeVos even matched a seriously generous amount of $7.5 million of donations to this fund, matching the Children’s Scholarship Fund’s offering.


Kids First is another education oriented organization that she championed. This helps parents get vital tax credits that they can use toward educating their children with more choices and less restrictions. This brought education back into the limelight again in Michigan. Betsy, along with her husband Dick have supported numerous causes like Children First America, Choices for Children, and American Education Reform Council. Dick presides over the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which assists hospitals and groups involved with economics as well. With the DeVos family’s help, the youth can aim high, going for MA, MS or MBA degrees. They can enjoy scholarships for entrepreneurs, and work with government and business leaders to fix problems in the community, such as Detroit. This collaboration, called Grand Action, has led to the revitalization of Detroit. I, for one, am a fan. Read more about her philanthropy at

JHSF is leading in Brazil’s real estate sector. It operates in the residential and commercial market acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels, and international executive airports. It was formed in 1972 in the city of Sao Paulo by two brothers Fabio and Jose Auriemo Neto along with two more partners. Initially, it was known as JSH where it mainly performed construction and incorporation services. In 1990, the company split and Fabio Auriemo took control of the company’s operation and it became JHSF. It began to focus on real estate markets.

In 2001, the company expanded its activities to the shopping malls area. JHSF constructed and operated the first mall in the country integrated with a subway station by the name Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. Two years later Jose AuriemoNeto, eldest son of Fabio Auriemo took over at 27 years, intensifying his role in the luxury and high-income market. He was responsible for developing the park’s division of the company.

CidadeJardim complex was lauched in 2006 by JHSF and it became the home to Shopping CidadeJardim, the reference in the country’s luxury market. The complex consists of 9 residential towers that make up part of the high-end Condominium Park City Garden and 3 commercial towers that are part of the City Garden Corporate Center. In 2007, JHSF acquired a majority stake in Fasano Group Hotels. In 2014, he assumed control of the group’s restaurants. The same year JHSF inaugurated Fazenda Boa Vista, a 12 million square meter residential condominium in the city of Porto Feliz in Suo Paulo. It is considered as the most luxurious in Brazil.

Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF participatory SA. He is the chairman of JHSF’s Board of Directors. He is a husband to Mariana and a father. He and his family live in New York. He moved to New York to closely follow the construction of the high-rise apartment building with five star JHSF hotel services on Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park. It is an investment strategy that the apartment will be for rent and not for sale.

     There are many powerful media companies based in nations all across the planet. Mexico is a North American country that’s home to quite a few noteworthy media firms of its own. Examples of some of the most widely known media entities in Mexico include Grupo Televisa, S.A., MVS Comunicaciones, Grupo Imagen, Grupo Reforma and Organización Editorial Mexicana. These firms cover everything from broadcasting to print media and beyond.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a major player in the media universe in Mexico. That’s due to the fact that he works for Grupo Televisa, S.A. and has a significant leadership role, to say the least. Angoitia is the media firm’s Executive Vice President. He’s also its managing director. Grupo Televisa, S.A. has the distinction of being the top media group among people who speak the Spanish language. People who reside all over the Americas are highly familiar with it. It’s part of many peoples’ daily lives.

Angoitia entered this world back on January 17th in 1962. He was born in Mexico, where he currently lives and works. This top-rated executive has been part of the noted Board of Televisa since the spring of 1997. Angoitia has had many positions with Televisa throughout his time there. He worked as the company’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) between the years of 1999 and 2003. He had a great career before becoming part of Televisa as well. He even spent a bit of time working outside of the nation in the United States. Angoitia was an employee with White & Case LLP. White & Case LLP is the name of a global legal practice that runs out of New York, New York. It was launched back in 1901 and has been a tradition in the law realm for many decades at this point.

There’s no disputing the fact that Angoitia has a busy and rewarding career in the media universe. There’s also no denying, however, that he’s a human being who also cares deeply about philanthropy work and helping other people out. Angoitia devotes a significant portion of his time to all kinds of philanthropic efforts.

There’s a classic showdown in the making in the world of ecommerce. Amazon is the known brand among most of the world for its online domination. After all, they own 20% of the online fashion industry alone. However, while most retailers are shrinking in size, importance, and revenue, Fabletics, represented by Kate Hudson, is growing quickly. This new kid on the block is using a variety of unique strategies to satisfy customers and secure their spot in ecommerce fashion fame. Their game is a combination of memberships and data utilization. It’s something they’re calling the reverse showroom model.


The traditional showroom model involves walking into a physical store. You might walk around for a bit, see something that interests you, then try it on. There’s a chance you might even buy it. But you probably strolled in off the street with no idea what was actually available. If you do happen to purchase something, you’ll probably use the retail store as a “showroom” and go find the item for less money somewhere else. Especially when Amazon and other stores make it so easy to do this. However, Fabletics is turning this traditional model on its head.


With the help of Kate Hudson, the brand has focused on marketing and aspirational imagery. By building fans online through social media and in-person networking, they first build up interest in specific areas. Once enough shoppers and members reside in a certain area, they form “pop-up” stores (temporary stores). This allows Fabletics to minimize their overhead while maximizing customer exposure. As an added plus, their customers have already been shopping online usually and know what to look for when they walk into the store, so more people turn into repeat buyers. About a fourth of shoppers in their stores will sign up for a subscription service allowing them to purchase certain items.


Furthermore, by utilizing data, the company can see what shoppers’ buying process is like and what their interests are. This opens up the door to follow-up sales and even stocking particular stores with specific inventory to maximize sales.


It’s no wonder the fashion brand has seen their customer base grow by triple and double digits for the last several years, recently reaching 1.2 million customers worldwide. And this is in an industry that many deemed “dead.” Athleisure typically has been overpriced, ugly, and made of low quality materials. But when founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg decided to found a fashion company, they wanted to improve in every aspect. That’s one of the main reasons they decided to bring on Kate Hudson.


Hudson identifies herself primarily as “an actor, through and through” although she is enjoying the success of the business. She was brought into the fold as a partner early on because of her approachability, humor, and active life she leads.


Hudson has helped the company select designs, overcome hurdles, and more. She even took to social media to defend the brand and improve customer service. It appears that Fabletics is here to stay for a while.

In today’s era, numerous segments of our population are experiencing an increase in their life expectancy. This remains attributed to numerous advances in technology. Therefore, these populations remain able to live longer than previous generations. In spite of medical breakthroughs, numerous human diseases and ailments still exist. Moreover, some remain genetic and some do not. With that being said, millions of people experience these debilitating diseases such as cancer in their lifetime. As a result, the older generations remain more susceptible to these diseases due to their decline in health. For those unaware, a person’s health declines as they age. In recent times, the United States has seen an uptick in cancer cases. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

This remains attributed to several factors. To name a few, these include the lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and drug use such as second-hand smoke. Fortunately, organizations such as Oncotarget exist. For those unaware, Oncotarget remains an online publication that features medical research regarding cancer. In addition, the company also remains extremely reputable. This remains attributed to the organization’s reliable research that comes from noteworthy medical scholars and practitioners. Year after year, the publication has remained favorable among its readers. Due to its free access feature, the organization created a platform for medical professionals to come together and share their views. Moreover, the platform creates a community for these experienced medical professionals. Check Oncotarget journal at

Since its conception in 2010, the company has remained a prominent fixture in the online community. Moreover, the journal focuses its efforts on finding and creating cures for cancer. On a weekly basis, the publication publishes papers. Moreover, Mikhail Blagosklonny‎ remains responsible for a substantial amount of the paper’s success. Furthermore, he also remains responsible for the publication’s fluidity and relative ease of use. Also, the publication has received numerous awards and accreditations for its innovation. Moreover, it has received high ratings across the internet. Aside from Blagosklonny’s success with Oncotarget, he has also created Aging. Moreover, he created aging approximately two years after creating Oncotagret. In closing, Blagosklonny’s efforts have privileged some of the world’s brightest minds to find solutions to timeless questions.

Every individual who strives to be successful must be willing to work hard and be unique from other people. However, the capacity to be very good and be successful business steps which ought to be followed. When we look at the life of Antony Petrello, there is the real representation of success and hard work. He has risen beyond any imagination to be one of the best successful leaders in the natural gas and oil industry.

After becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Tony was able to uplift the firm to be one of the best in the energy industry all over the world. Apart from natural gas and oil, Nabors Industries is also involved in the geothermal drilling. The global impact of the firm has been felt since they have explored places like Africa, the Far East and the Middle East. This expansion has made the firm a global brand. When it started, it was called Anglo energy back in 1968.

The company has grown further since Anthony Petrello took charge in 2011. Before going to Nabors Industries, he had worked in Baker and McKenzie law firm. Anthony didn’t spend much time here. Later, he moved to Nabors Industries in 1991. Due to his vast experience in management, he was appointed the president of the firm in the following year. Thereupon, he proved himself and was appointed as the CEO of the company. His leadership qualities made him the acting director of Hilcorp Energy Company, Stewart and Stevenson and Texas Children’s Hospital.

How did he achieve all these things? His educational background was his foundation. He attained two Bachelor’s degrees, MS and BS mathematics, at Yale University where he also happened to be an alumnus. Later, he acquired another degree in law from Harvard University. A combination and hard work from his educational professional background made him paid huge sum of money, it is worth noting that in 2015, he received a compensation of $27,512,939. When broken down, it consisted of bonuses, stocks, and salaries.

Tony Petrello was able to marry and have a daughter called Carena. However, his child suffers from periventricular leukomalacia condition. It became chronic and led to cerebral palsy. This condition motivated him to invest $5 million in medical research, to find a cure that will help other children who suffer from the same condition.

About Tony Petrello:

Orange Coast College is a national power in college rowing. The two year school has won 11 national championships competing against the top 4 year colleges in the nation. What makes that accomplishment truly remarkable is they have been able to do so with students that have never competed in rowing before enrolling at Orange Coast College The rowing team’s success is a testament to the influence of two men. The first is Dave Grant, the team’s former head coach and one-time president of Orange Coast College.

The other is Steve Morris, the team’s head coach during the 1990s who currently serves as its assistant coach.

The legacy these two men have created is about helping students to work hard to bring out talents they never knew they had and working together to achieve a common goal. That goal is greatness and consistency as a rowing team. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

And by working together many members of the team have become stars in their on right and gone on to compete for elite colleges and in national and international championships as well as in the Olympic Games. Plus they have gained the strength, determination and confidence to overcome any hardships life throws them and become successful in their careers as professionals.

When Orange Coast College was founded in 1948, its mission was to provide an affordable education for people interested in skilled professions and licensed trades.

It was also to offer students remedial courses and lower-division classes that could be transferred to a California State University as well as a University of California campus. The Costa Mesa, California based community college has far exceeded that mandate.

Today not only is Orange Coast College one of California’s leading transfer schools, its graduates have gone on to do great things in politics, the Arts, entertainment, business, professional sports and countless other areas.

Originally built on a 1,300 acre parcel of land that was once a part of Santa Ana Army Air Base, the school now produces students that have gone on to have a major impact throughout the United States. Many OCC graduates are now international stars.

     Litigation is the process of resolving disputes or responding to a complaint through the court system. Litigation law includes the rules and practices that are involved the process of solving disputes. Litigation is mostly associated with tort cases. However, litigation can apply in all kinds of cases, including contested divorces and eviction proceedings. Most people assume that litigation is the same as trial work. However, the process begins way before the first witness is asked to testify. Most litigation cases make it to the courtroom.

How do you determine if a legal matter is categorized as litigation? If there is potential of a lawsuit to be solved, such a case is considered litigated. If a lawsuit is not probable due to lack of controversy or agreement by both parties, the issue cannot be described as litigation. In federal courts, litigation is governed by several federal rules, which include the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Demand letters and initial negotiations are the first stages of a lawsuit. Here, both parties discuss the issue directly. After failing to reach a common understanding, they retain an attorney. The attorney investigates and sends a demand letter to the other party explaining what the party must do to avoid further legal action. If the party that receives the demand letter complies, the issue is settled at this stage. However, if it is not, they proceed to filling a lawsuit. Motions, trials and appeals follow this stage. Hiring a litigator, a professional who protects the rights of clients in courts, gives one an upper hand in any appeal.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a highly experienced attorney in matters of compliance and risk management review. Currently, he is a Contract Attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. He is in charge of banking litigation and reviewing discovery materials for complex securities fraud. Karl Heideck focuses on issues connected to transactions, risk management, acquisitions, and liquidity positions related to the sub-prime banking crisis in 2008. In addition, Karl features in weekly conferences alongside another counsel to verify and improve the review procedure.

Karl Heideck is an alumnus of Temple University at James E. Beasley School of Law. In early 2010, Karl worked for Conrad O’brien as an associate for eight months. Here, he was responsible for reviewing and analyzing discovery documents and government investigation. Later, Karl Heideck joined Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney for close to four years. Here, he acted as a detail oriented and level quality control expert.


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