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     Healthcare and providing Comfort are the two things that describe a principal facility that is dedicated towards the recovery of all the inhabitants. Sussex Healthcare has been providing such care for 25 years now. Being founded on principles of advanced care being provided by some of the industry’s top professionals, Sussex Healthcare has set the standard for the day.

Having the principal office on the southern coast of England, Sussex Healthcare facility offers a state-of-the-art gym and daycare facility along with full care residential houses. In 1985, the first Sussex facility opened and since then there have been over 24 facilities operating under the company’s umbrella. While providing health care and comfort are the chief aims of the company, that is not the only services provided for the company. Young adults, as well as older adults, may have issues dealing with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, just to name a few, as there are many other causes of concern. Sussex provides care to individuals with extensive care needs.

The ultimate foundation of Sussex is committed to providing care as well as ensuring the comfort of the clients. Education and training are what the employees consist of, as compensation amongst the ranks are chief attributes of the management of such a great company. Each and every facility have programs that will keep the inheritance engage in physical activities and in accordance with specialized plans laid out by the professional providers. Meals are provided by top-of-the-line chefs with the skill to adhere to the particular dietary needs. Such meals are being provided on a daily basis and there is no shortage of care.

Sussex Healthcare has two amazing leaders that have made their individual stamps on the world at large. Shiraz Boghani has a background in hospitality and Shafik Sachedina has the background of a dentist being trained in Southwark London. With these two great minds involved, it is of no consequence that Sussex Healthcare is a leading facility in the world of Health Care. Due diligence and detailed attention have been given this facility due to the manifold compliments being given by the clients as well as the praise are being lauded for exceptional care.

In conclusion, witnessing top-notch care being given to the residents of this facility will make anyone confident and comfortable that their loved ones are receiving the best care there is. This is a facility worth taking note of.

Please read “Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care for more.

Randal Nardone is billionaire featuring position 557 on Forbes list of billionaires. Randal is worth $1.8B. However, in his formal education, Randal Nardone got his J.D at Boston University, and he also holds a Bachelors’ degree in Arts from the University of Connecticut. He is the CEO and co-founder Fortress Investment Group since 1998. Having been a Principal since 1998 and the chief executive officer since August 2013.Nardone was a principal at BlackRock before that and was a professional partner and an executive committee member at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm before landing at Fortress. Apart from Fortress, Nardone is one of the directors at Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd., Springleaf Finance Corporation, Eurocastle Investment Limited and Springleaf Finance Inc.

Nardone is someone who has consistently demonstrated a high amount of skills and expertise in the field of finance. Through the years, he has gained more experience and has grown to be a professional and financialist. Even though he never intended to end in the field of finance, Nardone had always had passion in pursuing law for which he even attained a master’s degree in the same. At Fortress Investment Organisation employees feel they work with smart, and thoughtful people. Nardone had always prioritized his very best with every endeavor that he takes on and this has been demonstrated when he decided to switch sectors. And today, Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the most important investment entity on the New York Stock Exchange. Many companies now are opting for its services because of the portfolio that Nardone has put in place for the company.

However, SoftBank, Japan-based Corporation Group purchased Fortress Investment Group.SoftBank Group is a multinational technology competitor in the tech market with headquarters in Tokyo. The purchase of Fortress by SoftBank has significantly helped them to make the most out of a more institutionalized firm that includes investor relations, an investment committee, and trading departments. Under the transaction terms, Fortress, which manages approximately $70.1 billion in assets, will be actively involved in SoftBank’s activities as a separate entity business. After the purchase of Fortress by SoftBank, Randal Nardone mentioned that he was pretty positive about the transaction and that it would strengthen his company. He added on that his company would be able to expand in the future and gain more access to greater credit services. Randal Nardone will maintain his position at Fortress regarding the fact that Fortress is a public company.

25-year-old news outlet, NewsWatch TV, is esteemed by the masses. Promising to report the unembellished truth, NewsWatch TV delivers news on the following topics: travel, health, medicine, public policy, consumer trends, technology, and entertainment, among other categories. Their special reports team consists of Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrom, with Andrew Tropeano serving as the lead host. Both illustrious and reliable, NewsWatch TV is a media source that doesn’t distort the truth for cheap views. In fact, this network’s commitment to conveying facts is in large part why they’ve garnered such positive attention from audiences.

Though NewsWatch TV has much to be proud of, their most recent and memorable milestone included airing their 1,000th episode. Over this period, NewsWatch TV has become a program that millions of households rely on for unbiased and breaking news. While NewsWatch TV has won support from many faithful viewers, A-list celebrities have also demonstrated their support by appearing on segments. These Hollywood elite run the gamut from Denzel Washington to Jennifer Lawrence.

What’s more, NewsWatch TV is a multifaceted corporation that doubles as both a news outlet and marketer. In other words, NewsWatch acts as the nexus between brands and audiences. In fact, endorsing brands and campaigning on behalf of companies are areas in which NewsWatch TV thrive. Above all else, their marketing efforts have armed them with a portfolio of positive testimonials from grateful corporations. SteelSeries, Saygas, Contour Design, and Avanca are among a few. As an attempt to find out how NewsWatch TV delivered on their promises, Tropeano conducted interviews with the above companies.

The overall response was wholeheartedly positive, with most attributing their company’s success to the hard work NewsWatch TV put into advertising and campaigning. Avanca strongly urged companies to work with NewsWatch while Contour Design raved about NewsWatch TV’s “quality of work.” NewsWatch TV, by and large, is applauded for their professionalism, diligence, and competence.


He is one of the most experienced financial banker having stayed in this banking industry for more than forty years. He is one of the most experienced and professional bankers because he knows all the tricks that come with the banking system. Banker Anil Chaturvedi has partnered and even worked with so many financial institutions since he started out his career four decades ago. The experience here has enabled him to have a financial insight which he uses to help most of his clients who comes to him with the aim of benefiting financially.

Today he is among the main people who most of the companies and also the banking companies have sought for consolation on matters concerning finances and how they can be able to improve their banking. The most important thing to note is that the advice that the issues to this firms are taken very seriously by this institutions. Most of the idea that he suggests being done in a specific institution is done, and the outcome result is very pleasing.

The most impressive thing that has seen him succeeded in his career is that he started out his job at a very young age after he was through with his master education in one of the great university. Banker Anil Chaturvedi was the manager in charge concerning the issue that had to deal with marketing and the business development in State Bank of India. Banker Anil Chaturvedi is one of the most remembered people due to some of the strategies that he introduced while working here that boosted the performance of the company in the world of business.

The most recommended thing that he did is that the bank was able to generate more than $500 million in four years and it was one of the most achievement that Banker Anil Chaturvedi was able to do here. It is due to the great job that he was nominated and awarded as the man of the year due to his work at the State Bank of India. In the year 1991, he left the company, and he was promoted to chair other position of which he performed very well.

When Trevor Wilkins, who was in the Princeton class of 2013 and his business partner Logan Cohen, cofounders of Küdzoo sent their proposal to the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, they had always hoped to get something out of it. Theirs was a mobile rewards app intended for students. The app offers information on scholarships, deals and discounts from businesses, concert tickets, giveaways, opportunities, and other experiences which would be merit based with a special emphasis on their grades and achievements. They were applying with the hope that the newly created The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) would finance the application so that it would have an easier time rolling out. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) was an initiative of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, which had set its sights on strengthening the entrepreneurial success stories from Princeton University.

Princeton is considered one of the top universities in America and has consistently produced business leaders of high repute. This was the case for Peter Briger who was part of the 1986 class that graduated with a B.A. He is one of the most influential leaders in the country today and is recognized as such by Forbes magazine. Peter Briger began his career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for not less than fifteen years. His career in the organization hit peak in 1996 when he became a partner. This is a position that enabled him to have more sway in the way business was conducted at the organization as well as being part of the team that handled billion-dollar deals.

This kind of exposure meant he was not only a valuable employee but a very exposed one.These credentials would see Peter Briger join Fortress investment group in 2002. He joined the management team at a time when they were experiencing exponential growth and had managed to grow their assets from four hundred million to about three billion dollars in five years. Peter Briger coming on board meant that he brought with him the experience in deal-making he had learned at Goldman Sachs. His rise through the ranks was steady as he was made a member of the board of directors within four years. This was a year short of Fortress investment group going public. The IPO needed a steady hand that had experience in such, and it was Peter Briger who was brought in for the same helping its underwriters understand their business model.

Over the years in Mina Ebrahimi career path she has been able to maintain the progress needed to become a businesswoman. At the St. Germain Catering he is the founder and the CEO of the company too, the tradition that she has maintained is the family tradition of entrepreneurship. In Virginia when she was just a kid, she used to work at her parent’s bakery. In fact, at the age of 11, that’s when she started. As Ebrahimi got to adulthood what she knew was in her blood was being a businesswoman but specifically the food industry. When it came to the bakery’s evolution the skills that Mina possessed is that she was instrumental.

At age 26, that’s when she decided that she was ready to start her own thing and that led to starting of her company. The reason for the name is because of her tribe roots. Today, they have managed to grow to what the business is right now as they have managed to be in business for 20 years. To achieve the success that the company has the first thing that she started on is targeting the clients in corporate catering. It was an excellent strategy for the people of Fairfax country. Eventually, her services got known, and people started to approach her if she could handle their events. Today, St. Germain Catering is responsible for taking care of so many occasions. There is no occasion that St. Germain will not be able to handle from the weddings, business events, charity events and anniversaries.

The achievements that Ebrahimi has achieved the previous years have not gone unnoticed because several times she has been recognized. In the Washington Business Journal 2010 top 40 under 40 she won and an award from SmartCEO Brava she won it too. The thing that makes Mina Ebrahimi proud is that she can offer job opportunity for the two dozen people and the bigger percentage are full-time bases. Her parents inspired all the business skills that she possesses. She was taught from an early age that is was right to give back to the community and she does that often.

Most of the important improvements, progress and success attributed to a company may most likely come from the leadership of its executives. It’s the leaders who take the risks to develop new ideas, find better solutions and master the skills to improve the company. It is these leaders that can bring the company to where it intends to be in the future. It is the fascination and curiosity of such business leaders that can get them to find new ways to address business challenges. Of all the new business leaders rising up today, one name stands out: Pete Briger, or commonly known today as the man in the list of Forbes Top 400 Business Professionals.In the official website of Pete or Peter Briger, it is released that his dedication to the company he co-founded, Fortress Investment Group, has never been more refined, passionate and sustained.

Before being the leader who has grown Fortress Investment to what it is now, he used to work for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He had been so dedicated to his career there that in 1996, he eventually became a partner in the firm. Some of the positions that he held during his term in the company include being a member of various committees, including the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee and Japan Executive Committee. Peter Briger’s involvement there had totally honed his leadership skills, communications network and ability to blend the right ideas to achieve company targets. Later on, all these ideas have been used to form the foundation of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, of which Peter Briger is the Principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors.

People could also get a good idea about where the heart of Peter Briger is today by learning about the charity groups and advocacies that he supports. For starters, Briger is an active supporter of the non-profit group, Tipping Point, which is based in San Francisco. It is an organization that assists the cultural and social needs of low-income families in the city. Another charity or non-profit work that Briger is working on right now is the Caliber Schools. This network of schools assists the young students in America in getting the right knowledge, assistance and networks to educate them on what college to choose when they finally decide on their four-year college life. Truly, Peter Briger is an active man. It’s also a source of inspiration for many that his active work doesn’t stop in commercial pursuits, but also extends in developing the communities that support his projects.

OSI Acquires Ownership of Flagship Europe

OSI Food Solutions has officially announced their new ownership of Flagship Europe purchased by the Flagship Food group back in 2016. The decision to make such business move was precisely due to similarity that Flagship Europe offers as they provide a variety of high quality items to the United Kingdom food industry market.

Flagship Food Group is also a well-favored and respected food Distribution Company that delivers high quality bulk products, such as pies, dressings, frozen poultry and a host of other well-favored items.

OSI Food Solutions has been rapidly increasing growth and sources within the last few years. The company has also accumulated a warehouse that was previously known as Tyson Foods. The warehouse has a huge layout that is more than 18,000 square feet and is established near the OSI location.

These smart and thought through business decisions have enabled OSI to cater to their consumers’ needs at an efficient in timely pace. Furthermore, the warehouse brings a breath of fresh air as the maneuverability is convenient and very useful for their business needs.

Career and Employment Opportunities at OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a pearl of a company that discreetly offers a host of career and employment opportunities for many. Their company holds more than 18,000 representatives that bring forth essential work ethics and prosperity. Their administration is enthusiastically energetic and contributes to the well-established work atmosphere.

As the company is still currently rapidly increasing their need for career and employment is an ongoing high demand where the momentum is consistently rising. Their team and representatives are genuinely neighborly and extremely helpful towards their co-workers. The employees tend to embrace the accommodations that their employer OSI Food Solutions has respectfully set forth.

OSI strongly believes in each and everyone of their employees as they contribute success and skill to their organization. Moreover, the company is a successful organization with the help of mindful professionals. When it comes to goals set, they still consistently work harder to initiate the continuation of providing an atmosphere that is competitive, energetic and quite rewarding.

For years, OSI has been contributing the best quality of food products throughout America. They are proud to have a staff of employees who have internal determination and positive solutions that helps to create a positive working environment that tends to increase the companies brand and reputation.

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At the point that a scholarship was announced for fashion journalism, there was one thought that was raised. This thought was about the relationship between fashion and social media. One thing that some people may be thinking is that social media is taking over some aspects of fashion that journalism is unable to capture. Therefore, social media might be the future of fashion. After all, one of the most posted messages on social media is related to fashion. Academy of Art University is recognizing social media and its influence on fashion. This is one of the reasons that there are suggestions being made about whether or not social media has a bright future with fashion.

While people are taking a lot of images and uploading them to social media sites, there are some people who are actually taking photos of risky outfits. Some people are stepping outside of their fashionable comfort zone and actually showing off looks that they deem to be weird. One factor that has often influenced fashion to a greater extent than the others is the breaking of fashion rules. Academy of Art University is encouraging fashion designers and consumers to break the rules of fashion because they are way past their time.

Another reason that it is suggested that social media has more of a future with fashion than journalism is that one of the journalists with a hard news background has noticed that she has to write about serious topics. When she wanted to write about fashion, she was not taken with regard. Therefore, she had to stay away from fashion in order to get anywhere. However, Academy of Art University has made some changes for her so that she can find an outlet that she can use to write about fashion and related topics.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Tx. and he has a deep level of experience in comprehensive financial planning. His clients include affluent individuals, small business owners, and families who put his expertise to work in the face of ever-changing markets. The range of credentials that Blair has accumulated is impressive and enables him to provide sound advice about all things financial.

The foundation of Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach to financial planning is the Three Pillars system that he has perfected. It helps him key in on a client’s goals as they navigate different chapters in their life. By giving them powerful tools for many financial situations he helps them achieve a peace of mind as they face the future.

The all-important First Pillar is the fashioning of a financial roadmap which fits in nicely with the client’s goals. He also ascertains their strengths, risk tolerance, and spotlights the best opportunities for growth in their portfolio. This phase helps Blair and the client foster a good working relationship which will last many years.

The equally important Second Pillar is designing a long-term plan for investing. Taking advantage of the compounding principle is something that Richard Dwayne Blair excels in. He teaches his clients how to maximize gains during good market conditions and how to play defense when the market corrects. His active management also takes into consideration the liquidity needs and tolerance for risk of each client.

The Third Pillar is all about implementation and monitoring of the client’s financial goals and portfolio. This involves logical comparisons to model portfolios, historical market data and the client’s expectations.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and he’s been gaining experience and expertise ever since. He founded his own company to better provide personalized financial planning to his clients. His professionalism allows his clients to sleep at night knowing they are financially prepared for virtually anything.

One inspiration that has strongly impacted Richard Dwayne Blair is the teachers in his family. He also considers himself to be a teacher of important financial principles concerning building wealth and preparing for retirement.

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