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A good name begets some popularity. You have obviously heard of AXA Advisors in New York and its market needed services in finance management. A reputable company helping individuals invest in profitable projects, wisely asset manage properties, retirement and pension plans, safeguarding oneself and their enterprises against a peril and general financial advisory.

AXA Advisors operate in 5 main domains; annuity brokerage, life insurance, advisory, fee-based advisory and employee benefits. In Advisory generally, the customers are taken through how to manage their assets or business and how to maximize their profits. Fee-based advisory means you get the services at a premium but usually worthwhile. They also guarantee their employees have benefited from working in an institution. For example, they should be compensated for work done and the Human Resource looking into their welfare.

Life insurance experts equip you with information, resources, and tools to help you get started in AXA life insurance business. In the Annuity brokerage facets, they will guide on retirement plans that will sufficiently and significantly meet your needs. AXA Advisors have a long-standing record of success and a good referral place for anyone willing to start off at a safe place. For more details visit Rocketreach.

About Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is fondly known as Vinny Parascandola. He is an alumnus of the Lubin School of Business at Pace University where he studied business. After completion, he started off in as a financial advisor and has climbed up the ladder. He is among the key personalities in AXA Advisors LLC which is based in New York City, United States.

At the moment he is the senior executive Vice President of AXA Advisors and also practices as a financial advisory to date. Vincent Parascandola supervises operations of the AXA Advisor to ensure smooth running although is based in a satellite office out of New York. Vincent currently deals with high profiled individuals with a portfolio of investments and net worth. As a sound advisor, he is sought after for wisdom in investment and asset management matters. AXA Advisors is accredited by FINRA and SEC and has been in operation more than 17 years now with a pool of more than 5,400 brokerage representatives.

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From a young age, Jim Larkin observed the way workers were mistreated. He would ask many questions that went unanswered and some of those who suffered this maltreatment were his parents.

His parents were dock workers who relied on the little they earned to provide for the family. Living in the slums of Liverpool taught a lot of lessons about life and this motivated him to pursue the rights of workers. The first step before he joined workers unions was to get a job at the Liverpool docks.

Jim Larkin had little formal education, so he could not be employed at a higher position than the one his parents held. This chance to work at the dock brought him close to the people and he also suffered the maltreatment many complained about. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

As a progressive young man who was also a committed socialist, Jim Larkin held the belief that all workers had to be treated fairly, so he became a member of the National Union of Dock Workers, where he took up a full-time assignment as an organizer. Joining the union availed a ripe opportunity that he would use to push for the rights of other workers.

While working as an organizer, he championed a number of strikes, but the union was not particularly happy with his approach, which they termed as militant. Therefore, the union decided to transfer him to Dublin in 1907. But this did not quell his aggression towards fighting for labor rights as he came up with another union called the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

His aim while creating this union was to get all workers to support the course of fighting for their labor rights. He would organize strikes. His success at managing these unions further motivated him, and the support he had amassed among workers also acted as a boost to his belief in equal rights. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

After this, he formed another movement that he called the Irish Labor Party that aggressively held strikes to agitate for better conditions and pay for the workers. This is the union that brought his effort to the limelight of the world as it championed heated strikes.

One of the most remembered strikes the union championed is the Dublin Lockout that lasted about eight months, and more than 100,000 workers were part of the strike. James Larking also responded when the World War I broke. He moved to the U.S. where he would raise funds to stop the British.

Dave Farbaky-led Aloha Construction Inc. is doing well in the construction industry within and around Lake Zurich in Illinois. The company whose primary area of specialization is in roofing has grown to become the industry leader regarding manpower and expertise. Its contractors and engineers are the best that the industry has to offer in regards to their level of proficiency and commitment to quality and excellence. To this end, the company has undertaken projects in excess of 18,000; some in Illinois and others in Southern Wisconsin.

Aloha Reputation

A good fraction of the contracts that Aloha Construction gets involve repairs from damages. The company sends its inspection officer to assess damages and to give a client the exact amount that he or she will need to cover the repair costs. This is one of the ways through which the company endears itself to clients, and it has worked in its favor for many years now. To add to that, Aloha has in place a dedicated customers’ care desk that addresses customer needs to their satisfaction. On the ground, the company has a team of managers, supervisors, and inspectors who ensure that everything sits well for the clients’ liking. After getting the job done, the company invites feedback and reviews from customers and improves on the few areas that clients complain about. All these form part of Aloha Construction Inc.’s reputation.

The Roofing Process

Part of the roofing process is installation of gutters, attic ventilation, and downspout systems- something Aloha Construction does best. The company is guided by the realization that without gutters in place, there are chances of rainwater causing ground erosion and mildew problems around the house.

Creating Jobs

The construction industry in the USA is by far the largest employer. Aloha Construction Inc. has over the years been creating more and more jobs, especially for the youth. By creating and maintaining a good reputation, the company continues to grow and consequently requiring more workforce. To learn more about us: click here.

Whitney Wolfe and her fiance Michael Herd would have a theme-based wedding that was connected to the “home is where the Herd is” This is a play on the “home is where the heart is” saying, and this happy couple has showed off several pictures of the lavish wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

The thing that makes people appreciate Whitney Wolfe is her openness. She had no problem sharing picture after picture of the wedding dress and photos of the reception.

Whitney Wolfe has truly been able to give people a whole new perspective on dating. She put time into building her company while staying connected to the singles crowd. Wolfe has expanded her company in a great way, but it appears that she was interested in having even more of a voice on social media.

There is definitely a connection between her open book vibe and her ability to expand her company. Now that she is married people get a another glimpse of Whitney Wolfe as a dating app developer that has a husband. This is something that will gives her an interesting take on the dating app industry. From the very beginning Whitney Wolfe has been vocal about the fact that she created a feminist dating app. Now that she is married Wolfe is expanding her company into other areas, and she is still carrying on feminist perspective.

People are very interested in seeing how this plays out. So far it has been something that has been working for Whitney Wolfe. The fact that she has been vocal about her marriage and other things that she has dealt with within the last several years makes people like her. She has become transparent to the world of users that are accessing her Bumble app. This gives her the ability to promote the app through her own voice.

She does not have to rely on a marketing company to develop some type of marketing campaign for this company. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe is building her company up just by talking about the things that she has experienced in her own life.

Before Whitney Wolfe tied the knot and settled down she often talked about how women should not have to wait for men to ask them out. Her aggressive approach to dating may inspire some women now that she has gotten married within the last couple of weeks.

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Dr Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon, a media commentator as well as an academic. She is the founder of the well known Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The headquarters of the institution are situated in Austin, Texas and its specialties are in plastic surgery and also ambulatory surgery. Walden Cosmetic Surgery also runs a satellite office located in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden started her professional journey when she decided to work with Sherrell Aston as her mentor in Manhattan. Harper’s Bazaar listed Dr. Jennifer Walden in 2014 as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. Due to her exemplary expertise in plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer has been featured by ABC News, VH1, Dr 90210, E! and Fox News.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and brought up in Austin, Texas. Her father was a dentist with her mother being a surgical nurse mother. Her high school studies were at the Anderson High School where she managed to graduate successfully. Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas for her Undergraduate Degree in Biology. She later graduated from the University of Texas medical Branch medical School and was honored as her class salutatorian. Dr. Walden acquired her fellowship in aesthetic surgery immediately after clearing her residency. She was also part of the clinical trials on the implants of silicone breasts. After becoming a mother to twin boys, Dr. Jennifer Walden made a decision to relocate to Austin, Texas from New York where she was residing and practicing.

After relocating to Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden managed to establish her private practice in the region of Westlake Hills. ASAPS featured the successful plastic surgeon in 2015. The American Way also recognized Dr. Jennifer Walden as one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America. Dr. Walden has managed to make a name for herself in the field of plastic surgery which is mostly dominated by males. She has always served as a role model and mentor to young women who have dreams of joining her field of work. Jennifer Walden has demonstrated that it is possible for a woman to work hard and thrive in any field.


Prostate Cancer is a very serious issue, however many men neglect to have a prostate exam for whatever the reason may be. One in seven African Americans are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Not knowing your status because of fear could potentially be worse than the reason you’re afraid to get a prostate exam. The Cancer Treatment Center of America knows that most men aren’t getting a regular prostate exam and have teamed up with the National Football League Alumni Association to bring the awareness up on the real live epidemic of prostate cancer. Early detection could mean the difference between life or death. This is why having an prostate exam is encouraged as early as age 40.

Men, you are needed in your family. Screening is the first line of defense to protect you and your family against the devastation of what prostate cancer can do if left untreated. LabCorp has also joined the effort in bringing awareness up for prostate cancer. They have joined forces with the NFLA and the Cancer Treatment Centers to provide low cost or in some cases even free PSA (Prostate Specific Anigen) screening.

If it is determined that your PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigens) are elevated your Doctor may request for more testing to be done to see if you have cancer or to see if you are are at risk for cancer, both are equally serious. Having elevated PSA levels could mean you are at risk for Prostate Cancer and steps will be taken to prevent cancer from arriving. However if at any point it is determined you have prostate cancer your Doctor will consult with you to help you get through to the next step.

Having an cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and wanting to take the next step right sway is understood. This is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America are available 24 hour a day 7 days a week to discuss treatment options. You can call them at anytime you are ready. The earlier you accept treatment the better you’re chances of survival.

James Dondero is a successful man, but the success hasn’t taken his kindness and generosity. James is the president and co founder of Highland Capital management, which is located in Dallas. Before his success in his president and co founder of Highland Capital Management, he had experience in the credit and equity market for over 30 years! Highland Capital Management has been successful in offering many different award winning products and solutions for retail and institutional investors. This company has $14 billion in assets that is under management. The company also manages $2.3 billion in healthcare assets in the form of institutional funds and mutual funds. In his early days he studied and graduated at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Donero serves on the board of directors for various different companies such as American Banknote Corporation, MGM Studios, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Donero has donated millions to different organizations and charities. He donated millions to Dallas area non profit charities. He donated one million dollars to finish to finish the Familiy place. His company donated one million dollars to the Dallas zoo and with this donation a hippo hut for special educational displays and private events was built. His comapany donated two million dollars to SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. And this is just a fraction of the donations that have been made by Doneros’ company. He has been very generous and changed the lives of many.

     Becoming an athlete takes hard work and dedication. A person needs to practice, practice, practice, if they expect to be a professional in their chosen sport. The key to becoming a successful athlete is to make a plan to enhance your playing skills. Diet is also very important factor in playing any sport. Any person interested in racquetball as a professional sport should find a coach that specializes in the sport. Someone who has played racquetball will have complete understanding of the athletic skills it takes to become a pro. You may need to conduct interviews with a professional before hiring someone. Finding a good coach can be a difficult challenge. A great way to find a serious coach in racquetball is join a local racquetball club. There’s one in almost every major city. Sometimes a person might want to quit a job in order to find their passion, but those ideas usually don’t work out. If anyone desires to to be a racquetball professional, just practice everyday.

Sawyer Howitt did just that. He started his racquetball sensation when he was a young child. He played racquetball for the Oregon High School team. He played men’s singles, but has the potential to play in mixed doubles, he’s also been in the Oregon’s High School Racquetball State Championship. He is on the USA Racquetball profile summary, but he didn’t play enough to reach a ranking.

He’s now a senior in college and is a project manager at The Meriwether Group, a confident advisor to entrepreneurs. The company strives to help business owners succeed. Sawyer Howitt has had a long passion for business and finance and he’s excelling in his career choice. His knowledge of business and finance has assisted him by tying his business to racquetball. He’s still recognized at the USA Racquetball Association. During his spare time, he can be found at the local Racquetball Club or fishing.

As the last month of summer has official started, it’s a great opportunity to begin thinking about the forthcoming school year. With class kickoff shopping, picking extracurricular exercises and going to parent/educator introduction, it’s a great opportunity to prepare sorted out and for the enormous progress from pre-fall evenings to early school mornings.

Advance beyond Time

It’s temping to begin getting ready immediately, however before you bounce in the auto and make a beeline for your closest school supply store, here are a couple of things you have to get together to influence the shopping to trip more cost-and time-powerful.

Build up a Budget

Gallegos additionally recommended building up a class kickoff spending plan, beginning with defining objectives for yourself and with your youngster.

Try to record every objective and construct your financial plan around your objectives, regardless of whether in light of provisions or apparel, and stick to them.

Stock Up on Supplies

Since you have your youngster’s school supply list in one hand, and your own financial plan and shopping list in the other, you’re prepared to travel to the store and thump out a couple back-to-class buys.

Classroom Supplies

While your supply rundown may change in view of your tyke’s age and grade, there are a couple of things that are awesome for classroom utilize. Ana Homayoun, originator of Green Ivy Educational Consulting, suggests supplies that will merge and sort out classroom materials with the goal that your children have all that they requirement for their class in one place.


Regardless of whether your kid is setting off to a school with a uniform or a school that enables more easygoing everyday wear, you may need to anticipate back-to-class garments shopping. For more info about us: click here.

Feast Prep

Pressing snacks can be an upsetting procedure, particularly when you’re attempting to pack sound, top notch snacks and snacks. Nimali Fernando, pediatrician and creator of “Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater,” proposed making a pressing guide for children to put together their own particular lunch.

Build up a Routine

Talking about timetables, the start of the school year is an incredible open door for a new beginning and an opportunity to set up another everyday schedule. The most ideal approach to do this is to make a family schedule.


As a major aspect of the new normal, ensure you set desires right on time with respect to homework.

Permitting youngsters time to change out of their school garments and appreciate a nutritious nibble before they start.
Freedom Debt Relief is a US obligation determination organization. It is right now situated in San Mateo,and is a completely possessed backup of Freedom Financial Network, a money related administration organization. The organization was established in 2002 by bradford together with Andrew.

The organization consults in the interest of obliged customers who are encountering a monetary hardship with the objective of maintaining a strategic distance from insolvency by settling their unsecured obligation at a markdown to what is really owed. The organization principally serves shoppers where obligation union or home renegotiating is undesirable or an inaccessible alternative. They additionally serve the individuals who can’t manage the cost of either their Visa least installments or the installments required in credit guiding.

     Dr. David Samadi is a practicing urologic oncologist. He is trained in both traditional and open surgery well as laparoscopic surgery. Dr. David Samadi specializes in robotic surgery of the prostate. Currently, he is also the chairman of the board of the Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. David Samadi writer articles to educate people about health and regularly contributes to websites as well as to Medical A-team hosted by Fox News.

In a recent article, Dr. David Samadi goes over eight habits that men should practice in order to have a healthy sex life. Erectile dysfunction and other problems such as an enlarged prostate cause challenges for men but all of that can be avoided to some extent. Men should practice these eight essential habits some of which are lifestyle changes as well.

One of the essential practices for better sexual health and life is to hit the gym regularly. Exercise flights against a number of problems such as lack of energy and a slow metabolism as well as low libido. Better health choices should extend to your diet. The food you eat affects your performance and all around health. better food choices include whole grains, fruit, and veggies, lean cuts as well as low-fat milk.

Although not everyone is aware of this, Kegel exercises strengthen the muscle that connects the penis base to the tailbone. You do kegel exercises by stopping the flow of urine and then relaxing. Ding that continuously can over time increase your stamina as well as lead to more powerful orgasms.

While there are many things a man can do at home, going to the doctor for an annual checkup is essential. The doctor will test you for both all around health but also check you for any sexually transmitted diseases if you have more than one sex partner or you are seeing a new person.

Changs in lifestyle will benefit men significantly. Cutting back on smoking and alcohol as well as not using drugs will do the most for your body. These three substances will take you to the point of no return. Additionally, learning how to manage your stress levels will help out in your daily life. Stress can be a culprit for low libido levels and can even lead to erectile dysfunction even when you are not feeling stress at the moment. Taking care of your health is essential for healthy sex life.



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