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Perhaps there is no better beginnings for the future president of one of the world’s largest meat and food processing companies than being raised on a family farm. That’s how OSI group President David McDonald began his life and career – helping out on his parent’s agricultural operation in northwest Iowa. After finishing high school, McDonald enrolled in one of our nation’s premier upper Midwest educational institutions – the University of Iowa, home of the Hawkeyes.

Sticking to what he knew best, McDonald earned a degree in animal science. With freshly-minted university diploma in hand, his first job out of college was with OSI Group, a company he would remain with for the next 30 years (and counting). He would rise from an entry level position all the way to the presidency of that company.

Not bad for a kid from a small Iowa farm. OSI Group is among the world’s largest privately owned firms, ranked #58 on Forbes list of top U.S. companies. It commands an annual revenue of $6 billion as of 2016. That’s even more remarkable when you consider that OSI was ranked 136th by Forbes in 2011 with $3 billion in revenue.

OSI Group has also rapidly expanded to gain a major international presence across the globe. It has 65 operations in 17 countries, including North America, West and East Europe and locations across Asia. China has been a source of major expansion and growth in recent years.

Much of the credit for that robust growth clearly rests with David McDonald. Better yet, the expansion McDonald has engineered has been accomplished in a sustainable, stable and environmentally conscious manner. In fact, OSI group has received so many awards and recognition for ecological innovations they are too numerous to mention in a single story.

McDonald has often said in media interviews that his business philosophy is deeply customer oriented. The process of learning and responding to customer needs drives innovation, he said. Focusing on customers has also had the added effect of engendering a deep levels of loyalty among consumers of OSI products.  It’s not surprising that McDonald likes to think of OSI’s customer demographic as “family.” His upbringing in a humble family farm with honest-to-goodness Midwest values has proven to be an exceptional orientation for a man at the helm of an international food processing powerhouse.

     Livio Bisterzo has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life and always dreamed of owning his own company. During his young adult years Bisterzo attended university in England. When in England he developed his marketing background while attending the well known University of Arts located in London. It is here that he began his first marketing adventure. However, Livio Bisterzo would not stop with his first marketing attempt.

Post graduation Livio Bisterzo headed numerous startup attempts. Despite numerous failures, Bisterzo chose to view each failed attempt as a lesson to be learned and continued forward. Eventually, he led numerous startups to success. Among his successes prior to Hippeas are Kyoko for Men skin products and Little Miracle tea. In 2015 Bisterzo founded his own food brand which he appropriately named Green Park Holdings. It is under this company name that Hippeas were realized. While living in Los Angeles Livio Bisterzo wanted to come up with an idea for a snack that was both healthy and tasty. In the process he discovered that chickpeas could be the solution to his inquiry.

Recent discussions about the Livio Bisterzo’s success in the healthy snack industry have suggested that his chickpea solution is not only delicious, but environmentally friendly as well. Bisterzo states that because he chose to focus on legumes and beans, the soil used to brow the chickpeas for each package of Hippeas has nitrogen restored. In addition to being a sustainable and delicious health snack, Hippeas have been introduced to thousands of stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, for every package of Hippeas sold a percentage of the profit is donated to farmers in Africa. Lastly, with recent investments from world renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand, Bisterzo plans to expand his marketing efforts in the hopes of having Hippeas sold in a wider range of grocery retailers.

In conclusion, Bisterzo and his Hippeas have a bright future ahead of them. Soon, we will be able to have a taste of the new health snack Hippeas!

Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of Lincoln School, Oregon, Portland. He is a young entrepreneur who is knowledgeable about the how to operate a successful business. He believes in finding unique ways for consumers to interact with brands for productive business. Sawyer encourages theory of excellent customer service advises entrepreneurs embracing the emerging technology to promote their activities.

Sawyer Howitt also helps the community by conducting mentoring events for the youth and donating to organizations. Moreover, he helps lead an international ethnic studies group. Sawyer also fights for women’s rights among other charitable acts. With his knowledge in business and young innovative ideas, Sawyer became a project manager at a business development service called Meriwether Group in Portland.

Moreover, Sawyer Howitt tells that there is no right time to start-up a business. Howitt encourages entrepreneurs to combine work and living space to save money while starting business. Sawyer also states that to be a leader in entrepreneurship, cities should have qualities like the average age of the population, availability of high-speed broadband, access to funding, potential for networking and the economy. Howitt notes that the top 8 cities that meet such qualities are Yorba Linda in California Austin in Texas, San Francisco in California, Salt Lake City in Utah, Palo Alto in California, Santa Monica in California, Denver in Colorado and Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Sawyer is a project manager at Meriwether Group. In the company, Howitt has significant roles in the evolution of commerce, technology in business and finance functions. Currently, he is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland and is planning to attend the University of California, Berkeley Campus and graduate with an entrepreneurial finance degree.

Sawyer Howitt also is a fan person. His hobbies include playing racquetball, fly fishing, follows Portland Trail Blazers. Sawyer also spends time in fitness services, music, fashion, and health. Sawyer has managed to challenge entrepreneurs despite his young age and has inspired many young people to use what they have to succeed in the business world.


Rodrigo Terpins is not just a racer. Even before becoming a highly successful man in the world of racing, he was a sports fan. This line of interests struck common ground with his father who also has a passion for sports.

Jack Terpins (Rodrigo’s father) was a very good basketball player during his youth, playing between the 60s and 70s for Hebraica. Rodrigo’s interest was on the racing tracks, venturing at high speeds pumped with adrenaline to beat his foes in several competitions all around Brazil.

Rodrigo is not a reckless driver and this is an important element when dedicating to this sport, due to the fact that many tragic events could happen if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Rodrigo Terpins fits in the style of driving safe but driving well, and this was evident in The Sertões Rally. This rally, one of the most influential ones in Brazil, was a race that started strong and there were a lot of competitors.

The duo (Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchi) completed the race in a good time; 2 hours and 8 minutes. However, they finished in the 7th position of Prototypes T1. Rodrigo Terpins could have done a better time but he preferred to take the necessary precautions when needed. He stated that it was a really demanding course with lots of dirt. Despite the fact that the car behaved well, he didn’t want to force the suspension too much because he suspected it would be a high risk.

Proceeding with caution in this case, renders him capable of adapting to the equipment and have better success in other races. Rodrigo Terpins is considered a great rally driver, but his skills are constantly tested in the racing field. Check out comunique-se for more details.

The “Os Sertões” Rally is considered the biggest off-road test, and this was the 22º edition, with more than two thousand kilometers to be run. Visit reportermaceioto know more.

According to Rodrigo himself, even though the team had many issues during the competition, including equipment and rough courses, it was a really amusing experience to participate in such a high-skill demanding racing competition, and his team deserves lots of recognition for being so dedicated. The results of Rodrigo Terpins, he concludes, are the achievements of the entire team as well.

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Madison Street Capital is a household name in the world of finance. The Chicago-based firm plays a major role in the development of many organizations by helping them to access credit, navigate complex transactions and make rational investment decisions. Madison Street Capital (MSC) offers innovative services, including private equity, business valuation, advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and corporate tax planning services. Over the years, MSC has demonstrated its commitment towards enhancing their clients’ success. They have constantly delivered outstanding results, which have placed them as leaders in the industry. In 2014, MSC helped a sterile medical supplier, Vital Care Industries, to find an appropriate lender and obtain a commercial loan. They also offered advisory services to DCG Software Value when they were merging with the Spitfire Group in 2017. In the same year, the organization arranged financing for Maintenance Systems Management.

Recently, the company facilitated a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. They served as the exclusive adviser for the investment project that also involved a subordinate debt. WLR Automotive Group, a Maryland-based company, also benefited from MSC’s noble services. MSC offered financial services to a sale-leaseback project valued at $13 million for WLR. The company’s excellent performance earned its co-founder, Anthony Marsala, a Forty under Forty Award. MSC received the 2017 Turnaround Award for their 2016’s outstanding restructuring deal that was worth below $25 million. They emerged as the finalists during the 2016 M&A Advisor Awards ceremony. The company’s corporate culture embraces the principle of giving back to the society. Amongst its numerous philanthropic activities, MSC donated funds in support of severe weather victims in Eastern and Midwestern United States in 2011. This information was originally mentioned on GC Report as elaborated in the link below

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has invested in its staff that includes a team of professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the middle market investment industry. They have extensive experience in arranging the appropriate funding and capitalization structures to meet the specific needs of their clients. Having been in the industry for over a decade, MSC has served diverse clients. This way, they have been able to understand the significance of careful analysis and precise recommendation ( By supporting different charitable initiatives, the company has managed to build strong business relations within the community and across the United States. Over the years, MSC has partnered with the United Ways for purposes of improving people’s lives and empowering communities. The United Way supports different initiatives in the society through partnerships with schools, government agencies, financial institutions, organizations and other institutions.



When it comes to biotechnology, Amicus Therapeutics has earned its place globally to become the leader in offering therapies focusing on rare as well as orphan diseases. Based in Cranbury, the company’s has a development pipeline that efficiently treats various human genetic diseases through its range of products. One of its lead products, migalastat, is one of the medicines that treat genetic disorders of the Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics leverages on biologics as well as Chaperone-Advances Replacement Therapy to offer treatment for other genetic diseases such as Lysosomal Storage Disorders (



Despite its reliance on other manufacturers for its products, the company continues to provide innovative technology platform in developing solutions for rare diseases. The treatments at Amicus Therapeutics are made possible through targeting of mutated proteins which offer healing that is beyond the mere diseases. One of the patients who has been through the company, Alex, who is 47 years attests to the effective treatment offered by Amicus Therapeutics. His condition was five years long quest after diagnosis with Fabry disease which scared not only him but also his family. Following his enrollment into a clinical study at Amicus Therapeutics in 2006, the family is now optimistic that even his daughter will be on the route to recovery.



The company goes beyond offering treatment for patients to collaborating with other organizations, caregivers, health professionals as well as individual patients to ensure combined effort in giving the best treatment for their patients. Amicus’ dedication is to develop other treatments from this advocacy which goes a long way in providing better therapies. Further, the company hopes to continually improve the provision of useful information as well as resources meant to help patients manage the challenges that come along with the diagnosis of rare, genetic diseases (YahooFinance). Through advocacy, the company also hopes to bring patients on board to be part of designing clinical trials for therapies with the advancement of research during the process of drugs development. The role of Amicus Therapeutics can, therefore, be termed as critical in helping treat genetic diseases.

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Osteo Relief Institute is one of the most prominent healthcare facilities in the United States. In the modern health and medical care environment, it is not easy to find a good doctor. This makes it a number one priority for a family to seek a good physician. The Osteo Relief Institute locations work to define many disciplines. This means that Osteo Relief Institute comprises of numerous physical therapies as well as the board certified physicians who believe that the medical care of a family is paramount. The main goal for every physical therapist or physician is to help their patients avoid surgery as much as they can. This means that they work to use the most sophisticated solutions in medicine and treatment to avoid these surgeries. Our practice uses a wide range of the FDA-approved methods of treatment as well as medicine in technology. Our doctors will not sleep until they find the best solution for your unique needs (Dialdish).


While arthritis is a common disease among many Americans, most of them don’t understand this disease. People don’t also know that arthritis is not one disease. However, it is an array of many diseases that are termed together as arthritis. There are over 100 different diseases that comprise of arthritis. In fact, more than 50 million Americans are suffering from this disease according to recent research. Moreover, arthritis is also singled out as one of the most common causes of disability among many Americans.


Osteoarthritis is also considered as one of the most common forms of the arthritis disease. It is also known as the degenerative joint disease. It is characterized by the degeneration of the soft tissues as well as the cartilage that is located around your joints. When the joint cartilage wears or breaks away, the upper bone rubs against the lower bone to cause a lot of pain. This action may also result in swelling and stiffness. Joints will tend to lose their original strength as time goes. In the end, it will lead to unending chronic pain. While the American Medical Association of doctors has not found a cure for arthritis, there are numerous options for treatment with chronic pain.

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Canada is not the first country people think of when they speak of craft beer. It didn’t use to be the first country for craft beer, but over time it changed. Now Canadians are very proud of their craft beer. There are some prominent breweries offering Canadians a healthy choice of different brands of the beverage. Eli Gershkovitch can attest to that. He used to favor larger before his life changed forever. There are quite a few breweries to explore if you are in Canada. Here is a couple of them.


Yukon Brewing started out as a simple idea on a camping trip. Now it brews some of the fantastic Canadian craft beer (LinkedIn). They offer tours and show their visitors the whole process from gathering the crop to fermentation and packaging. They have eight different beers on offer.

Paddock Wood Brewing Co. was started by Steve Cavan with his wife. It was the first small brewery in Saskatchewan, and their beers can be found on tap or in bottles in some stores in the West of Canada.


One of the significant shifts in Canadian beer industry. Millennials prefer craft beer over mass-produced lager. They prefer smaller breweries over big brands ( Eli Gershkovitch was a young man before he learned to love craft beer and then started to form the idea of creating his own company. Today he is a successful businessman and the CEO of Steamworks.


Eli Gershkovitch built his business from the ground up, but he thinks of himself as a creative officer. He has a degree in Law, and it was convenient when Steamworks started. Eli Gershkovitch knew the ins and outs of licensing, property and taxes. He used his savings from a previous job in law to initiate the company he now runs.


Eli Gershkovitch is very passionate about his work, and he is also very passionate about beer. He likes to be a hands-on boss and knows the ins and outs of his business. Eli Gershkovitch is also a charming person to spend time with, and people appreciate this personal connection they have with their boss.

Today, there is a fast transfer of data over the supply and distribution links mainly because of the internet and technological mobile solutions. When studying the supply chain opportunities, the best key performance indicators (KPIs) have to primarily focus on the metric functions and business partners.


Considering that most shipments take an average of three weeks to reach the target with week variability, organizations prefer to contact and hire firms that assure fast and flexible Supply Chain Performance (SCP). This is where Edisoft comes in. The company is able to help different producers and distributors improve their SCP.


About Edisoft


Edisoft is a globally recognized software company founded in 1995. The brand helps manufacturing companies and distributors do business easily with their market targets and partners. This is in respect to Supply Chain Performance. The headquarters of the company is in Toronto Canada with a satellite division in Miami Florida.


The company delivers the following services to its clients:



  • Optimised vendor compliance
  • Warehousing and carrier services
  • E-commerce services
  • Data integration
  • Shipping services


The privately owned company is setting the trend in Supply Chain Performance. Since its founding, Edisoft has been a pace setter in the shipping and supply business ( They are trusted by many manufacturers as they are able to facilitate the efficient movement of product and data between the producer and the market target. The staffs of Edisoft are highly professional in dealing with clients from all distribution levels.


Supply Chain Performance Achievements


Through its effective Integrated Warehouse Automation, Edisoft guarantees the following SCP results:



  • Accurate business data for reporting and intelligence purposes
  • Quality compliance with the client’s business needs
  • Enhanced staff performance and workflow


The company is very effective in offering consultation services in regard to SCP. The group will help you improve your business at all supply levels.




The presence of Edisoft in the shipping and supply industries provide companies and individuals with effective chain distributions. Their role in Supply Chain Performance is very appreciated on the global front. Their ability to ensure safe holding and distribution of its client’s products places Edisoft among the best and dependable software companies.

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Glen Wakeman is a successful Entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to helping others achieve the same kind of success that he has. Wakeman has a long list of accomplishments which demonstrate his expertise in business.


He paid his way through college cleaning bathrooms at an automobile factory. This work paid off when, after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and a Master’s in Finance, he went on to have a successful early career in business. He held job titles such as CEO and President.

Now, he is using his expertise to help others achieve success. He has co-founded and is CEO of LaunchPad LLC. LaunchPad is a software platform designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs from comprehensive and actionable plans to bring their ideas to life. Wakeman says that his inspiration for LaunchPad came when he noticed how often talented startups failed due to a lack of planning and structure.

Wakemen often shares advice on entrepreneurship to others ( He often blogs about business strategies, ideas, and current events in the financial worlds. He also spends a significant amount of time as a mentor to up and coming business people, helping them get promising startups off the ground.

In articles and interviews, Glen Wakeman shares many of the ideas, tips, and tricks which have helped him succeed. He cites Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is a book which everyone should read. He says that it taught him many lessons which have shaped his business strategy and approach to life.


He explains that he brings his ideas to life by making them engaging to him and sharing them with others and he attributes his work ethic to his high level of curiosity. Curiosity about how things are and how to change them gives him the motivation to complete the challenging and often arduous problem solving he encounters.

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